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Ransomware Protection

Protect Your Business from Ransomware Attacks with Confidence

Ransomware is the biggest risk to business and the biggest revenue generator for cyber criminals.

All of your data including your backups can be encrypted and then you are asked to pay a ransom to decrypt your data.

The ransom payment is in bitcoins, an anonymous method of transferring money, which if you haven’t used before can be a daunting task.

We have developed a specialised ransomware protection solution that will protect your servers, desktops and your data from being encrypted and you from being held to ransom.

Get Protected

Protect your servers

Our solution protects your server operating systems, data and backup systems.

Protect your Desktops

Our solution will protect your desktop computers.

Protect Web Servers

We have a specialised team that can help secure your websites from ransomware.

Be smart

Be proactive and put protections in place to limit the risk of data, and financial loss and business interruption.

Find out how 2Gen can help you.

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Ransomware Protection

Prevention is better than cure

We deploy a unique combination of user training, system policies and targeted security software to protect your business from ransomware and it variants.