Cyber Security

Keeper Password Management

Secure your business with effective password management tools

Keeper Security is an enterprise password and secrets management system.

Keeper helps manage and secure passwords, secrets and remote connections specifically used in websites. Protecting your business from unwanted data breaches and cyber threats.

It has the ability to simply add or remove password manager access for new-staff and ex-staff. Negating the need to remember, create and change employee passwords.

With an easy to use system for your organization, Keeper gives you central control of company website access. Eliminating the pain and risks that come with usernames and passwords, saving you both time and money. 


Easy to use

For all uses of an organisation, access is simple. Keeper protects your passwords in an ultra-secure and easy to use vault your employees will love.

Auto fill feature

There is an autofill feature called AutoFill which makes it easy to log in, save and change passwords on any website.

Safeguard against attacks

It mitigates the risks of breaches by providing real-time protection and access to applications, systems, and IT resources.

Save money and time

The software is fast and affordable to integrate and deploy for organizations, departments and agencies of any size.

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Keeper Password Management

Keeper is a zero-trust and zero-knowledge security system. Meaning it “trusts no one” and “knows nothing”. It is a reliable cybersecurity platform for every organization - large and small.
It has the #1 spot in user ratings and is unmatched when it comes to safeguarding your valuable information.
The visibility and control is in your hands so you can be confident in your organisation’s security.