Cyber Security

Business is definitely booming… if you a cyber criminal. Cyber crime is huge business and attackers cast a wide net targeting everybody.

One layer of cyber security, such as antivirus is just not enough and with today’s sophisticated malware and attack techniques it will fail.  Your business needs layers of security, a defensive strategy designed to slow down attackers and detect them before they can do serious damage.

Your cyber security is only as strong as the weakest link and well placed layers may act as a strong enough deterrent to cause the attacker to look for an easier target.

The harder the network is to penetrate the less likely there will be a breach.

2Gen have a dedicated team Gold Coast cyber security team to deal with computer security incidents, breach preparation and remediation, security auditing and policy creation.

OUR Cyber Security SERVICES

Keeper Password Management

Keeper Security is an enterprise password and secrets management system. Keeper helps manage and secure passwords, secrets and remote connections specifically used in websites. Protecting your business from unwanted data breaches and cyber threats.

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Essential Eight Assessment

The recent changes to the privacy act introduce mandatory breach notifications which means you are obligated to report and investigate data breaches. Our Cyber Security and Privacy assessment is suitable for any sized business and is an affordable and worthwhile investment.

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Ransomware Protection

Ransomware is the biggest risk to business and the biggest revenue generator for cyber criminals. We have developed a specialised ransomware protection solution that will protect your servers, desktops and your data from being encrypted and you from being held to ransom.

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Vulnerability Scanning Services

Vulnerability scanning identifies and addresses vulnerabilities before they can be exploited, which significantly reduces your organization's risk and increases its overall security posture

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UTM Firewalls and Internet Security

Your business relies on the internet. If it is slow it hampers staff productivity. If it is insecure it can damage your entire business. Our internet security solution will provide your business with complete internet visibility, control and security.

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Computer and Server Security

We protect your computers and servers by implementing an array of defences, educating end users on cyber security risks and ensuring that applications and the operating system are always up to date.

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Mobile Device Management - MDM

Our Mobile Device Management solution will allow business owners to safely deploy mobiles and tablets to staff and field works without having to worry about data loss, security breaches or concerns or about what the devices are being used for.

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Email Compliance

Email is the primary tool for a business to communicate. Invoices, contracts, quotes, sales notes and client correspondence is all emailed. Email storage and integrity is crucial, yet is often overlooked.

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If your cloud storage server or your local computer is hacked or your laptop gets lost or stolen, your data is still protected as it cannot be read or used by unauthorised people.

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Cyber Security Auditing

Having cyber security policies in place is part of your fiduciary obligations and you will face fines from ASIC if you are breached and don't report it. It is an asset for your business if it is cyber security proactive, resilient and compliant.

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Cyber Security Training and Phish Testing

Don't wait for a cyber attack to happen. Be proactive and invest in our cybersecurity and awareness training and phish testing program today

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Sophos Partnership

2Gen has been a long standing partner of Sophos and can deliver an integrated suite of cyber security services to protect your business.

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