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Email Compliance

Email is the primary tool for a business to communicate.  Invoices, contracts, quotes, sales notes and client correspondence is all emailed.   Email storage and integrity is crucial, yet is often overlooked.

How often does your business wish that an important email hadn’t been deleted or lost?  An email that is now required to make a sale, resolve an issue or court case?

Protect your emails

Never loose an email again.

Every email, in or out is captured, recorded and never deleted.


There is no change to normal business processes, it all happens in the background.

Increase Compliance and Governance

Quickly and easily discover and report on emails from any staff member to any person, from any time period.

Win that court case

Every email is saved and cannot be deleted. Emails are used as evidence and you may just need that email sent 4 years ago from an ex-employee.

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Email Compliance

We have a robust email compliance system that will enable your business to protect every email, in or out and for all staff members. We do this transparently to end users, it all happens on the back end and at any time you can search that critical email using a powerful yet easy to use search interface.

I work in finance, and people make promises. It is "very" handy to be able provide written evidence to resolve an issue

Susanne T. / Director - AFS